Petra Reflex Foam Mattress


Mattress Depth: 300mm

Firmness Rating: Extremely Firm

The Petra is a reflex foam mattress which is made of polyurethane foam. This is a high-density responsive foam that provides support and firmness. Reflex foam is made up of tiny holes that slightly adapt to your body shape, but bounce back against you at the same time. Often found in orthopaedic mattresses, reflex foam can offer a firmer feel and provide good spinal alignment. Reflex foam is very flexible and regains its original shape very quickly, hence the name 'reflex'. This type of foam is very versatile and can take various formations within a mattress. Mattresses made up of just reflex foam offer a firm sleep surface and, due to low production costs, are usually cheaper in price. They are ideal if you don't like sprung mattresses or the warmth that can be associated with some memory foam mattresses.


W 90 L 190cm ( W 3ft L 6ft 3)
Compact Double
W 120 L 190cm (W 4ft L 6ft 3)
W 135 L 190cm (W 4ft 6 L 6ft 3)
W 150 L 200cm (W 5ft L 6ft 6)
Super King
W 180 L 200cm (W 6ft L 6ft 6)

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