Why Landlords Choose Us

Solutions for landlords & property investors

A comprehensive range of furnishing services to help maximise your return on investment

Maximising the return on your property investments is far easier with the right tools and expertise at your disposal.

Our team of industry experts are all on hand to help you to provide advice on reducing your voids, increasing your rental income and furnishing your property ready to attract the best tenants, to give you a unique edge over the competition.

Attract great tenants, reduce voids

We've found that many properties we furnished had voids halved, from the UK's average of 2.4 weeks to only 1.2 weeks (8 days). A number of properties furnished by London Furniture Outlet also secured tenants after the first viewing. - not only saving precious time, but potentially agency fees as well.

Increase your monthly income

Tenants are willing to pay more for furnished properties, and with the right furniture choices the associated upfront costs could be recuperated in under two years - over a typical five year tenancy you could see more than 3 years of increased monthly rental income from your investment.

Service you can always rely on

We hold over 300 replenishment products in stock ready to be delivered, assembled and installed in as little as 24 hours. Should something break and require immediate replacement, or the time comes to update tired-looking furnishings, we can help. All you have to do is call.

Turnkey landlord furniture packs

Whatever your target audience, we have a complete, turnkey package that's perfect for your property - with everything delivered, assembled and installed on your behalf, for a single, competitive price. We can adapt changes any of our furnishing sets to ensure your property is furnished with the best products based on its value, location and size.